Silk Sleep Eye Mask™️

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Say Hello To Better Sleep!

Made from pure 100% Mulberry silk, the liquid-smooth finish is incredibly soft and frictionless, giving you the perfect eye covering as you drift off to dreamland.

-Excellent for travelling, shift workers and sleeping during the day. Ideal for men, women and children. 

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Lovely Soft Silk & the eye mask is the perfect size to ensure it covers my eyes properly & makes it harder for light to sneak in. The adjustable band means it doesn't dig in or slip off. Very Happy, Thank you. Sue N., Customer

Washable Silk Sleep Mask

Light is the enemy of sleep, so this miracle worker helps you find total darkness wherever you zzzz. Our mask is made from naturally moisturizing silk AND doubles as a headband for your nightly beauty routine - basically, it’s just about flawless.

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High-Quality Natural Silk Which Feels Heavenly

Using high-quality mulberry silk fabric, we remastered the eye mask to be ultra-smooth on both sides thus indulging your eyes every second of your sleeping.

The Pampered And Protected Eye Area


The silk in the eye cover enhances absorption of your beauty products, doesn't tug or crease your eyelashes like cotton, and protects the delicate eye area. Creating a perfect synergy and balanced pH that help to increase skin hydration.

Perfect For You If!

1. If You suffer from poor sleep?
2. If You are bothered by the sleep mask that stains the white sheets?
3. If You are worried that Velcro will pull your hair?
4. If You want to have a deep sleep so you can wake up more energized?
5. If You are a stomachache or dry eye suffer or a side sleeper?
6. If You want to sleep like an angel?
100% Silk exterior, 100% Polyester filling
Machine wash cold + lay flat to dry.

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